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About Us at World Schools Review

World Schools Review PTY Limited (WSR) is an Australian registered business (ABN 92 166 648 844) that commenced operations in 2014.

World Schools Review ( was founded with the central mission of communicating accurate information about schools from around the world through an innovative and user-friendly website offering a range of valuable services to students, parents, teachers, schools and members of the community. These services include:

  • registered users (teachers, parents and students) are able to review schools, principals and directors, by using a template with ten questions that generates a score and pie graph out of 100 points;
  • registered  users can read reviews and commentary about schools, principals and directors;
  • school marketing teams, principals and directors can respond to all reviews and commentary that is pertinent to them;
  • schools and educational institutions can advertise and market their range of services through a variety of innovative advertising formats including multi-media presentations;
  • schools and educational institutions can advertise employment vacancies using a variety of options;
  • teachers can submit their resumes, covering letters and associated documentation if they wish to respond to an advertised employment vacancy;
  • registered users can maintain professional documentation such as resumes, photographs and important digital items in an electronic briefcase;
  • registered users can converse via a live chatting facility and enter several chat rooms pertinent to their interests;
  • registered users can publish material in a variety of forums and use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter;
  • registered users can learn about a variety of international study tours;
  • businesses and educational institutions can take advantage of several advertising packages designed to promote their products and services.

As a company we are continually seeking to improve each of these services to the highest standard. We envision adding additional services based on feedback from stakeholders.

The long term vision for World Schools Review is to be serving the needs of stakeholders in most countries throughout the world. This will be facilitated by offering our website in many languages other than English.

Our expected expansion is outlined below. Each country will have a Chief Operating Officer (COO) appointed. He or she may appoint their own staff to assist with the growth and development of business in their own region.

First Phase Expansion: Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Burma, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Secondary Phase Expansion: USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, India, Sri Lanka and Oceania countries.

Third Phase Expansion: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Fourth Phase Expansion: Western Europe countries and Israel.

Fifth Phase Expansion: Eastern Europe countries including Russia.

Sixth Phase Expansion: South American countries.

Seventh Phase Expansion: Central American countries.

Eight Phase Expansion: Arab Gulf Countries.

Ninth Phase Expansion: African countries.

Tenth Phase Expansion: Central and West Asian countries.

The personnel model operating at WSR is described below.

Board of Directors

The pinnacle of the corporate hierarchy of WSR is its Board of Directors. This Board for the first four years of operations, from 2014 – 2017, will consist of the following members, each holding one vote: President, Chief Executive Officer, one Chief Operation Officer and one Chief Marketing Officer. If the business grows rapidly then the structure of the board of directors may be expanded to include additional voting members.

The Board of Directors is responsible for selecting and hiring the uppermost tiers of management that run and direct operations.

Meetings for the Board of Directors will be held once a month. Non-voting employees may be invited to participate in board meetings.


The President for WSR works very closely in conjunction with the CEO. He or she fulfills several roles that include being the chairperson of the Board of Directors; promoting global connections with institutional bodies; overseeing IT, financial and communications. He or she is ultimately responsible for overseeing expansion, research and raising funds for expansion.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO for WSR oversees the general direction of the business and is ultimately responsible for hiring and managing employees, determining which products and services to offer, providing direct assistance to COO’s. He or she is a member of the Board of Directors.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The Chief Operating Officer is an integral member of the management team. He or she may also be appointed to the Board of Directors. The COO is in charge of managing the overall day-to-day operations in a regional location, for example, China or Thailand. They provide the CEO with executive support and help with top-level decision-making, including hiring,  managing budgets and formulating work-flow processes and procedures. They extensively liaise with stakeholders

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

The Chief Marketing Officers are in charge of developing and implementing marketing strategies and tactics in a regional location, for example, Bangkok in Thailand or Shanghai in China. A CMO uses research to pinpoint the target markets, manages marketing promotion, liaise with stakeholders and strongly promote the range of services offered on the website. A CMO will also oversee branding and social media efforts. They will meet meet marketing teams of schools and educational institutions and interact with local businesses and attend community functions.

Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

Chief Communications Officers are primarily are involved with administrating the website and closely coordinating with the website developers about modifications and advancements.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The CFO manages the financial affairs of WSR.

Our employees uphold four core values for conducting business and all related activities. These govern all employees and are integral in how we have developed our website and how we will expand our business, providing a valuable set of services for all stakeholders involved in educating students from all around the world.

  • Our business environment promotes a sense of unity through the character traits of resilience, empathy, creative problem solving and pursuing high standards in all that we undertake.
  • Our business environment believes in sharing information, working collaboratively, enjoying achievements and promoting the personal strengths of all employees.
  • Our business welcomes problems and complexities to be overcome. We facilitate a creative thinking environment, full of optimism, positive energy and seeking original solutions that are quickly implemented.
  • We believe that all employees are entitled to share in the financial windfall of the company and have genuine opportunities of earning high incomes based on their personal efforts and contributions.


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