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Private Tutor and Au Pair Recruitment for Chinese and Thai Families


We work closely providing assistance and advice to a select number of prominent Chinese and Thai families. Sometimes they request the need to have an exceptional au pair or private tutor providing assistance to their child or children. They task us to find them highly qualified au pair or private tutor to suit their family lifestyle and the academic/personal/social and emotional needs of their child/children.  Throughout the recruitment processes the highest level of confidentiality is maintained.  Once we know of the requirements of the clients in China or Thailand, two of our staff based in Australia undertake an extensive search to identify three outstanding candidates matching the specific requirements of the client.  When we believe that an outstanding candidate has been located, they undergo a series of interviews with our employees back in Australia and our Chief Operational Officer (COO) for China and also for Thailand. Extensive background checks are undertaken and previous references are followed up with the highest level of scrutiny. If the candidate is deemed to be suitable, they undergo a final interview with the President or Chief Executive Officer of our company, who then forwards her decision back to the COO for China and Thailand. She will then contact the family and ask if they wish to personally interview the candidate.  This may involve video conferencing or flying the candidate out to meet with the family in China or Thailand to meet face to face.

The role of an au pair is different to that of a private tutor, although there is overlap. An au pair’s job description tends to be general and includes looking after the needs of a young child or baby, combined with undertaking a variety of household chores and errands. A fulltime tutor primarily focuses upon teaching and improving academic attainments.  Private tutors can provide considerable assistance beyond the skills of an au pair in situations:

·        where a child is being bullied or feels uncomfortable at their school;

·        where a child has special educational needs, such as dyslexia or AD/HD;

·        of families who are required to spend a considerable time travelling for business;

·        where students who have other commitments, such as acting or sports;

·        for families who want a different educational style or curriculum than that found at school.

If potential clients would like to find out more and seek out an exceptional au pair or private tutor to join your family, our Chinese and Thai staff will be happy to provide you with assistance and further information. 

For China please initially write to our Chief Operation Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Thailand please initially write to our Chief Operation Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We would also be keen to hear of citizens residing in Australia who believe that they have the skills to undertake au pair or private tutoring work for wealthy Chinese and Thai families. Please register as a member of World Schools Review and forward your documentation into a private digital briefcase located on our website.

FAQ and Information for Clients

Do both the au pair and private tutor live with the family?

The answer is yes in every case.   The placed au pair or private tutor essentially becomes a member of the client’s family with distinctive roles and responsibilities.

How long does the Au Pair or Private Tutor stay with the family?

The minimum length is three months, although the typical span of time ranges from six months and can be extended annually for several years.  Au pairs or private tutors are given their own bedroom in the home of the client and take meals with the family and provide assistance with weekend activities.

Will the au pair or private tutor be a native English speaker?

Most certainly yes in all cases.  Almost all of our candidates will be fluent in more than one language.  We place a high priority on tertiary education qualifications, with a strong focus on teaching degrees.

 Can an au pair also be a private tutor?

An au pair can certainly provide assistance with literacy, numeracy and completing school homework tasks.  What clients need to realize is that au pairs generally are not trained teachers.  A private tutor on the other hand will be a highly qualified and experienced teacher, capable of providing extensive support and designing specialized programs of work.  They will have a thorough knowledge of behavior modification, assessment procedures and specific skills related to curriculum differentiation, extension or remediation.  Whilst there is overlap between the two roles, it is assumed that the au pair generally does not have the teaching skills of a private tutor, where as a private tutor may not necessarily have the early childhood skills that most au pairs possess.

How does the recruitment process work?

We undertake extensive efforts to match the ideal applicant that correlates to the specific requirements of the client.

Our Chinese and Thai staff firstly make an appointment to meet with the family and child/children of the client. Discussions focus upon the preferences, expectations, requirements and specific needs of the client.  Afterwards our staff write a detailed summary that is forwarded onto our Australian staff who use it to commence the recruitment process.  This may involve placing notifications in mainstream Australian newspapers such as The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald. We also place specific advertisements on our website.  Afterwards our Australian staff shortlist the best applicants based on their resumes and accompanying documentation. Interviews take place with shortlisted applicants.   The best three applicants are then interviewed by our Chinese and Thai staff who will make a final recommendation to our company President in case of Chinese clients or Chief Executive Officer in case of Thai clients.  He then interviews the nominated applicant before passing on his conclusion to the Chief Operation Officer for China and for Thailand. They will then contact the Chinese or Thai family for them to make arrangements to interview the applicant.  This may involve the applicant flying to China or Thailand.

How does the department managing au pairs and private tutors coordinated affairs at World Schools Review?

We have a team of two highly experienced teachers with over fifty years of teaching experience dealing who look after the recruitment of au pairs and private teachers from within Australia.  They communicate frequently with our Chinese and Thailand teams of employees who are overseen by a Chief Operation Officer (senior executive).  In addition, our company President and  Chief Executive Officer are closely monitor processes involved in the recruitment of au pairs and private tutors.

Will my child attend regular school?

If you child is too young to attend school then most of the child rearing tasks will be undertaken by the au pair. As for the private tutor, in most cases your child will attend their regular school and the private tutor will support their learning program and provide extensive support and extension when they get home each day. Depending on your personal circumstances the private tutor may take over the entire learning for your child and set up a fulltime home school scenario. 

What is the price of an au pair or a private tutor?

The cost depends on your specific requirements and is negotiable to some degree, but we strongly endorse the belief that highly qualified au pairs and private tutors need to be well reimbursed for their services. Generally an au pair will be paid 70% of what a private tutor would earn. Below is a provisional guideline of salaries paid to au pairs and private tutors. All figures are in American dollars.


3 months

6 months

12 months

WSR Commission


15 000

30 000

60 000


Senior Teacher

20 000

40 000

80 000


Au Pair

10 000

20 000

40 000


Note that commission fee paid to World Schools Review is 10% based on the salary guide.   This fee is paid 5% up front at the commencement of the recruitment process and 5% at the conclusion of the recruitment process.

Is a contract signed between parties?

Three documents are signed in English and also Chinese or Thai.

The first is a contract signed between the client and the au pair or tutor. 

The second is an agreement signed between the client and World Schools Review.

The third is an agreement signed between the au pair or tutor and World Schools Review.

The contract and agreements will absolve World Schools Review from any liability in the event that circumstances or events to do turn out to be successful.

Does World Schools Review require a special permit or license?

We are an international company but registered as an Australian business.  Many of our staff are highly experienced teachers.  At the current time we do not need any special permits or licenses to act as a recruitment agency finding high quality au pairs and private tutors.  We take the issue of child care very seriously.  All au pairs and private tutors who apply have their backgrounds scrutinized closely.  They undergo criminal background checks and also working with children checks.  Both checks must be obtained prior to being short listed for an interview.

Who does your business primarily cater for?

Our business caters to the needs of wealthy families in China and Thailand who require the highest quality au pairs or private tutors. 

Do you employ your au pairs and tutors?

We do not employ au pairs or tutors but act as an intermediary to coordinate all affairs that will include the signing of contracts between parties.

How are au pairs and private tutors paid?

As part of signing the contracts, one provision is that the client sets up a monthly standing order to the au pair or private tutor for the monthly sum of the contract.  Monies are deposited directly into his or her account.

Who looks after the visa process for au pairs and private tutors?

This is primarily a matter between the client and the au pair and private tutor.  Most of our clients run large businesses and have good connections. This can expedite the granting of visas to undertake paid work for a foreign citizen entering China or Thailand. We do not provide any direct assistance with the visa process, but can provide general advice to clients, au pairs and private tutors.  In most cases we suggest that a specialist agency dealing with visa applications is recruited to handle this process by the client in both China and Thailand. Contracts are not activated until visas have been issued to the au pair or private tutor.

Can we see your business contracts and agreements with the terms of conditions?

These documents can be requested to be reviewed but without any individual specifications.

Can all arrangements and interviews be undertaken by video conferencing or by phone?

It is possible based on the personal circumstances of the client who may require the highest level of confidentiality, although we much prefer to meet with the client personally in order to fully understand all requirements, the unique features of the client’s family and the specific needs of client’s child or children.

What length of time is involved in the recruitment process?

It may be as short as one month or as long as four months.  In general three months is the typical time of estimation.  As mentioned before, we strongly suggest the hiring of a visa specialist to expedite the granting of a visa once the client has selected their au pair or private tutor.  The granting of the visa permitting entry and work can involve varying amounts of time.

What type of follow-up do you provide?

Unlike many agencies, we like to maintain close communication between the client and au pair/private tutor during their time of engagement. This takes place via telephone and email communication.  In addition, we are happy for one of our team members in China or Thailand to pay periodic visits to the home of the client to ensure that everything is going smoothly.  This level of support clarifies any cultural misunderstandings that can sometimes eventuate, although our placed au pairs and private tutors are well travelled and possess open minds to new customs and standards of conduct.

I am residing in Australia and would like to be an au pair or private tutor working for a wealthy family in China or Thailand.  Can I forward you my resume and associated documentation?

Potential applicants are welcome to register with World Schools Review and to maintain their resume and associated documentation in a digital briefcase on our website. Adverts will periodically appear on our website when a client in China or Thailand is seeking an au pair or private tutor. Applicants can then easily access their digital briefcase and forward us their formal application.







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