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Free Registration – Are you a student, a parent, a teacher, a principal/director or a member of your school marketing team? We warmly invite you to register and use our website for free. The benefits are tremendous and you will become connected with what is happening with schools and educational institutions from many different countries. 

As a registered member, you and your institution can benefit in the following ways.

1) Read reviews about schools written by teachers, students and parents. This will provide you valuable insight about various schools.

2) Post a review about a school or a principal/director.  Take a look at the amazing pie graphs that are automatically created when you have completed a review.

3) As a teacher you can apply for employment vacancies using our user-friendly system.

4) As an educational institution you can  post your employment vacancies onto our website. The process is easy to complete.

5) Schools are warmly encouraged to advertise on our website. We have a variety options to suit the needs of both small and large institutions. Take a look at this sophisticated section of our website. 

6) Are you interested in a study cultural tour?  We are initially offering a range of cultural study tours within China and Australia. For China we have 3 and 5 day tours of Shanghai, a 14 day tour of southern China and a number of tours combining the cities of Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi and Nanjing.  Our study tour department are completing tours for will include the following: 3 and 5 days in Beijing, a 14 day tour of northern China and a number of tours combining the cities of Chengdu and Xian.  For students wish to take tours to parts of Australia, we are completing a number of exciting options that combine visiting cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.  Please refer to our study tour section of our website for updates. 

7) Feel free to forward us an article that you have written about issues of educational interest. In most cases we will be delighted to publish it on our website. 

8) Take advantage of using our online chat facilities. There is useful to connect with other registered members who may have a prompt answer if you are seeking information.  Alternatively, you may just wish to make a new friend or connect with a person in another country using one of our chat rooms.  Our chat rooms are moderated and adults are separated from conversing with students under 18.

9) Store your private or public documents into your own personalised briefcase. As a student you may wish to upload assignments; as a teacher you may wish to upload your resume or teaching program; as a parent you may wish to upload information about upcoming social functions happening at your school; as a marketing team you may wish to upload information about important developments at your school; as a principal or director, you may wish to upload letters dealing with educational matters. Registered users may change their settings at any time: public viewing, private viewing or viewed by nominated friends. 

10) Read our editorials and collection of articles.  The content is always interesting and relevant to different regions of the world.  

Everybody is warmly encouraged to join our website. It has lots of benefits and best of all and is designed to serve all stakeholders involved in educating students at schools.  If you have any questions, please write directly to our president: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once again all the team at World Schools Review warmly welcome you to register and use our website.




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