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Mission and Value Statement - We Serve all Stakeholders

World Schools Review was founded with the central mission of communicating accurate information about schools and educational institutions around the world through an innovative and user-friendly website, offering a range of valuable services to students, parents, teachers, schools and members of the community, irrespective of economic, cultural or religious backgrounds.  We strongly believe in the notion of being all-inclusive.

As a company we are continually seeking to improve each of our services to the highest standard. We envision adding additional services based on feedback from stakeholders.

The long term vision for World Schools Review is to be serving the needs of stakeholders in most countries in the world. This will be facilitated by offering our website in languages other than English.

We aim to serve our stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, schools and educational institutions and members of the community) irrespective of their economic, political, cultural, religious, social or personal status. We believe that education is a fundamental right for every citizen and that education is an ongoing process taking place across a diverse range of environments as suggested by the photograph that accompanies our mission and value statement.







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